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August is not far away and you all know what that means! Great Divide is gonna be here very very soon and we’re all super excited. The lovely tafeed blog and I have teamed up just to talk about Twin Atlantic and thought it’d be a fun idea to make a calendar full of things to discuss, draw, write, sing, or vlog about every day of August until Great Divide comes. Go crazy wit it! Cheers to the next chapter for Twin Atlantic!


  1. Favorite song
  2. Favorite album
  3. Favorite music video
  4. Favorite member
  5. How you got into Twin Atlantic
  6. Favorite Craig Kneale blog entry
  7. Have you ever seen them live?/Favorite performance
  8. Any tattoos or merch?
  9. Favorite video/vine (like the Studio Diaries or Acoustic Vibrations videos)
  10. Define Twin Atlantic’s genre
  11. Favorite interview
  12. Any Twin Atlantic stories you’ve heard/had?
  13. Favorite picture
  14. Overall favorite thing about Twin Atlantic
  15. Great Divide predictions
  16. What are you most looking forward to on Great Divide?
  17. What do you see in the future for Twin Atlantic?
  18. Great Divide comes out!


Twin Atlantic - Brothers and Sisters [official video]



Dear tumblr user, do you like the mighty Twin Atlantic? Do you want a copy of the record store day 2014 vinyl?


I am giving a copy of the limited edition, hand numbered vinyl to one lucky tumblr user, beautiful in white with a hand sewn TA patch. This competition is open world wide, I will post it near and far to the lucky guy/gal!

What do you have to do?
All you have to do is follow me and reblog and like this post!

That’s it!

Reblog as many times as you like to increase your chances. I will print out every one who partakes name and pull the winning one from a hat. Fair and square. I’ll run this giveaway for a couple of weeks.

Also, you’ll have to be comfortable giving me your address if you win, I will of course let you know if you’ve won by putting a message in your inbox straight away

Good luck!! :)


This silly little project is still happening as of right now! So far a few people have claimed lyrics and instruments but we’re totally going to need more than that! Get all your friends that love our crazy scottish band to participate!

all you have to do is go to this blog, see which bit of…


hey twinners! i thought up a really fun project today that i want as many fans as possible to participate in!

this is going to be exactly as the url tells: it’s a fan cover of crash land! the catch is that it’s not just going to be a cover by one fan- it’s going to be by all of us!

on this…

music video


Craig Kneale appreciation post.

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